Hi, I’m Garth Strand. Are you tired of partisan politics? Me too. I’d like to be your representative in the Kansas House, District 104. Will you help me get elected in November, 2020?

I’d like to invite you to be on my team and help me pursue solutions, not politics!

I could use your help. . .

Proven leadership · Fiscal conservative · Pro business · Consumer advocate


I retired as CEO of Hutchinson , now Heartland Credit Union after 37 years, serving the last 27 as CEO. I was involved at both the state and national level in the credit union industry as well as the greater cooperative movement. I was appointed by the Governor and served 6 years on the Kansas Credit Union Council. Throughout my career, I developed a comfort and respect for large budgets, regulation and collaberation. I have held numerous leadership positions and am comfortable and confident making decisions with large impact that affect others.

Solutions, not politics!

Frankly, I don’t align fully with either party and consider myself a strong moderate. However, to have a seat at the table, I accept and support our two party system. I filed as a Democrat which I have been all of my adult life, mostly out of respect for my parents who were life-long, conservative Democrats. In a nut shell, I am fiscally conservative, pro-business, pro-consumer and expect a well-run government. Until now, many of my friends assumed I was a Republican! Please know I will make decisions based on getting to the best solution. We’re all tired of ineffective, partisan politics.

Concern for Others

My professional career was spent representing and building value for well over 20,000 members of a financial cooperative. I am extremely sensitive to equitable solutions for all because I believe when we all do better, we all do better! While I don’t believe in hand outs, I do believe in offering a hand up to those in the clutches of poverty, addiction, disability or illness, including mental illness. A quote attributed to Mahatma Gandhi sums it up for me; ‘The true measure of any society can be found in how it treats its most vulnerable members.’ Kansas can do better than we are now.


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