“Being Against is not a Position”

I hope you’ve noticed my campaign slogan, “Solutions, NOT Politics!”. It seems that the political process has devolved to the point where the goal is to simply point out how bad the opponent is. Well what does that prove, especially as challenges mount around us? I am interested in working with all parties towards solutions. I am not against tempering ideas by testing them against possible challenges. However, we need to move past endlessly presenting opposition and put our combined energies towards solutions. I love the example from the Apollo 13 mission as the crew at Mission Control had to come up with a solution to save the crew. Instead of focusing on what wouldn’t work, they put all the parts on the table and collectively challenged each other to find a solution that would work. It’s that simple…won’t work vs might work…and might work, leads to will work.

I am not naïve enough to believe that solving political problems is easy and without conflict. However, I do believe that if the embraced approach is ‘Solutions, NOT Politics!’ there can be conflicts without personal and political casualties.**

Solutions, NOT Politics! That is my pledge to you.

** ”Being Against is Not a Position” is from a book entitled, ‘Conflict without Casualties’, written by Nate Regier, Ph.D. Nate is Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Next Element Consulting. I have worked with Nate in my professional career and recommend his book as well as other refreshing services offered by Next Element. Here is the link to his blog post entitled “Being Against is Not a Position.”

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