You’re Doing What?!

That’s the question I heard a lot from my friends when I told them I had decided to run for public office. And of course the follow up question: “Why?!” Friends are supposed to help us, not harass us, right? Honestly, these questions were helpful to me as they challenged me to articulate my answer. Here it is:

I’m running because I believe voters deserve a choice; a choice of perspectives, priorities, leadership style and personality. I’m not sure at this point if I will have an opponent or who it will be. However, if it is the incumbent, or most anyone else for that matter, then I will represent a choice.

My perspectives are positive, transparent and meant to be helpful.

My priorities are the best solutions, not partisan politics.

My leadership style is personable, practical, creative and collaborative with just enough spunk, commitment and energy to sometimes go first or to zig when others think it best to zag.

In summary, I believe I’m a credible candidate that will offer civil, representative, effective leadership. In the end, I can only hope I can give a little nudge towards a better trajectory than Kansas has been on. As the picture below shows, a little nudge can make a noticeable change in the big picture.

THAT’S why I’m running.

One small thing, can make a BIG difference.
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