So…I’m Pro-Business?

Recently someone took me to task for stating I am pro-business. Their position was that corporate interests are overpowering our political system. I do not disagree with that, especially after experiencing the recent primary election here in District 104 and all the negative, misleading media underwritten by the Kansas Chamber, Americans for Prosperity and others, all heavily funded with major corporate dollars. That being said, here’s a few of my thoughts behind why I’m pro-business:

I believe we need a healthy combination of large and small business entities as many things simply need scale and resources to be feasible to the level of cost efficiency that consumers demand and that the global market is brutal on.

Consumers say they want ‘local’ but then tend to flock to Wal Mart, Amazon, etc. I recall prior to the Hutchinson Mall appearing, downtown merchants were saying they weren’t afraid because their customers loved them….but then those same customers flocked to the mall in large numbers. Well, we know the status of that story.

Consumers say they want ‘Made in America’ but then buy the cheapest ‘Made in China’ option they can find.

I believe government often kowtow’s to corporate America and leaves small business to struggle. The current business ‘stimulus payments’ seem to be a good example. I have seen many times, even in Hutchinson, government offering ‘hand outs’ to what are viewed as desirable large businesses only to be disappointed in results. Meanwhile, small businesses continue to ‘make the donuts’ everyday and are often substantial drivers of local economies.

It seems large corporate entities receive far more value from public investments than individuals or small businesses. Infrastructure and public service investments come to mind. I don’t believe those investments are scaled equitably.

We need a good, diverse mix of business to support a healthy, sustainable economy. Neither large or small has a lock on good or bad behavior.

As consumers, our actions need to support our words. Businesses of all sizes, at least the good ones that will survive, will deliver what consumers demand.

To be fair, businesses large and small contribute many positives to our society. We NEED a healthy business and economic climate that benefits us all. At the end of the day however, it appears very difficult to out message corporate power but then….when it comes right down to it, corporate power has no more voting power than I have. So, I agree that certain corporate powers are playing a dark, heavy-handed role in our political system. However, I have to share that beef with us voters who give them the money to do it. Support the businesses you agree and mostly agree with. Don’t support the ones you disagree with.

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