Lynn Rogers, Kansas Lt. Governor
I worked with Garth Strand when we brought Heartland Credit Union to Wichita. It was my first seat on a Board of Directors. He is the kind of effective, collaborative leader that makes the work look easy and run smoothly.

Steve Becker, Former State Representative / Former District Court Judge
It seems every day I read, view or hear the desperate cry for bipartisanship as a way to begin healing our deeply divided
society. I agree. This applies to the national scene as well as Topeka. (click for more)

The recent agreement concerning Medicaid between our Democrat Governor and the Republican Senate Majority Leader is, at the very least, truly refreshing. I have come to believe you cannot govern effectively from political extremes, whether its to the right or to the left. The most effective governance comes from the middle.

This is my reasoning for support Garth Strand in his bid to represent Reno County’s 104th legislative district. Attaching labels in politics is unavoidable. Garth is not an extremist. He is a centerist. His votes on the legislature will not be controlled by a political party platform or political leaders. He is an independent thinker. who will be guided only by his constituency and his conscience.

I hope you join me in supporting Garth as the next representative of the 104th.

John P. Smith, Retired Administrator Kansas Department of Credit Unions, & Retired Director Missouri Department of Credit Unions
Garth Strand is a professional and personal acquaintance of mine. As the Administrator, Kansas Department of Credit Unions from 1993 to 1998 and 2006 to 2014, I knew Garth as president/CEO of Hutchinson Credit Union. (click for more)

Garth was also appointed by Governor Sebelius to the Kansas Credit Union Council which provided advice to me as Administrator. Garth is respected as a leader in the credit union movement as he held several leadership positions in the Kansas Credit Union League.

Now that Garth has retired from credit union management, his experience, especially financial management, will be an asset if elected to the Kansas House of Representatives. I encourage voters to support his candidacy and elect him to the Kansas House of Representatives.

Marla S. Marsh, former president of the Kansas Credit Union Association.
While working with Garth Strand almost 20 years, he exhibited many characteristics I would value in someone representing my interests at the Kansas state capitol. (click for more)

He has a passion for knowledge, seeking to see all sides of an issue and understand those involved. Since he has always viewed participation in the community highly for himself and those who worked with him, I would expect him to continue to view his role as one of service, to his constituents and to Kansas. In other words, he would not seek office to validate himself and would not lose touch with those he swore to represent. The tradition of thoughtful, respectful debate that has been a cornerstone of politics, or at least in the past, is one of Garth’s greatest gifts he would bring to the position. We spent many hours in the board room thoroughly looking at issues from both sides and inside out before Garth would be comfortable voting to spend credit union members’ money. Stewardship of other peoples’ money and resources is something he takes very seriously. Based on my dealings with Garth, I know he would utilize his decades of multifaceted leadership experience and personal values to provide a balanced approach of common sense, fiscal responsibility, integrity and commitment to addressing today’s challenges while finding opportunities to create a better Kansas for future generations. Go With Garth!

Christi Neumann
I have known Garth Strand for many years, I first met Mr. Strand while he was VP of Lending, later he became President at The Hutchinson Credit Union. During his tenure at The Hutchinson Credit Union I watched it grow and prosper. (click for more)

Garth always listens and has other’s best interests in mind. When you are speaking with Garth you can tell he is thinking of a solution to your problem. His good solid advice is useful in everyday life.

I have the upmost regard and respect for him. Because of Garth’s integrity, compassion and sincerity I believe Garth is a great candidate for the Kansas House of Representatives, District 104. Kansas will be very fortunate to have him represent them.

John Bleazard
It is a pleasure for me to tell you about Garth Strand, a man I have known both in his capacity as a financial officer in a local credit union, and later as president of that same credit union, and as a friend, someone I can enjoy a lunch or a cup of coffee with. (click for more)

I have known Garth over 40 years. In that time he has never failed to impress me with his professionalism, his outward and upward mental attitude, his sense of humor, and his genuine concern for my concerns and his devotion in assisting me in financial matters, as well as personal. Above all else, he is level-headed, mature, straight-forward, and sincere.

Many others and I have seen Garth expand the credit union I mentioned from a small institution serving teachers and nurses in Hutchinson and Reno County into one of the largest and most successful credit unions in Kansas, indeed, in the country. New branch offices to serve clients more efficiently and conveniently, with a steady eye on satisfaction, inclusiveness, and transparency. He fostered high-tech, efficient solutions to that business, keeping the credit union on the cutting edge of high quality customer service and low overhead costs, making the credit union a true friend and servant of its members.

Garth’s personal desire to be active in the community and his devotion to his personal health and fitness bespeak a person who is conscious of his community and himself, as well as conscientious in pursuing the high goals he sets for himself in those endeavors, both professional and personal.

He has a clever, adaptive, humorous personality and mind that will impress anyone, in the most positive manner, who engages him in conversation on any topic.

It will be a unique, first-time and happy experience for me to cast my vote for a candidate that I actually know and can trust always to do the right thing for his constituents and district. I have been enthusiastic about other candidates for political office in the past, but I have never known one to be more appropriate for the job, more dedicated to the principle of community service, nor more right-minded in his decision-making processes.

I wholeheartedly recommend and support Garth Strand for Kansas State Representative of the 104th district.

Jim Woods , Retired Educator
While serving “many” years on the Board of Directors at Hutchinson Credit Union, I was privileged to work with Garth Strand most of those years. (click for more)

I found him to be one of the most fair, intelligent, people-oriented and compassionate people I know—and he has not changed. He strives for what he believes is best for all involved. Although we don’t agree 100% on all the issues we face today—so, who does!—I am fully convinced he will thoroughly research all issues and do what’s best for his district, for Kansas, and for the United States .

Rev. Lenard Maxwell
Without hesitation I endorse Garth Strand for Kansas House of Representatives, District 104. My first experience with Garth was as members of the Kansas Area United Methodist Foundation Board of Trustees. (click for more)

Beyond his easy-to-like persona, Garth thoroughly impressed me with his understanding of institutional and financial best practices, his ability to articulate these and his integrity to follow up as necessary. As a member of this board with him I appreciated the fact that he was results oriented and not satisfied with just talk.

What a privilege it was to then be appointed as Senior Pastor at the church Garth was attending and to work beside him as a key leader in this congregation. I learned more about Garth’s character which I found to be immutable. He serves in a capacity that requires him to contribute considerable amounts of time, and he can always be counted on to deliver. Yet most of all I fully appreciate Garth’s heart for all people; his openness to help, especially the helpless; and his passion to fight against injustice.

To sum up: Garth is a great guy, whose integrity and intelligence, and his willingness to work with all people to accomplish the best result is why I am voting for him for a Representative of the 104th District of Kansas. You should too.

Jody McClure
Garth is a leader and a visionary. When he sees potential and possibility, he takes hold and makes it happen. Seeing the big picture, he understands the small steps needed to advance toward bigger things. He has personally taught me how to see my own potential and go for what I believe in.

Dennis Berndsen, Retired Educator
I initially met Garth Strand at the Hutchinson Credit Union, where he helped my wife and me with a car loan. His sincere interest in our family and helping us achieve our goal was apparent from the start. (click for more)

That is the mindset I have seen in him ever since, whether serving credit union members or serving as a community volunteer, his commitment to others is always there. Before retiring, he began grocery shopping for a senior member of our community through the Friends in Action Shopping Program. Since retiring, he has continued that service and added other volunteer work, including serving with the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program (VITA), providing free tax preparation for lower-income members of our community. This display of service to others and his love of community tells me that as our state representative, he will listen, be genuinely interested in his constituents and work for their benefit. I strongly endorse Garth Strand to represent the 104th District in the Kansas State Legislature.

David Inskeep, Retired Business Professional and Military Officer
I have known Garth for nearly 35 years. I have watched him grow with Heartland Credit Union from a lower level position
to CEO. Under his tutelage, Heartland has become an important financial institution in the Hutchinson area. His
management with financials and people were the major factors.

Michelle Waln, Business Professional
I’ve known Garth for over 20 years and during that time I’ve known him to be a problem solver, fair-minded, and
solutions-oriented. He’s been a business man, a community volunteer, and respected leader. He’s not afraid to roll up his
sleeves and do difficult work, and that is why I believe he’d be an excellent choice for Kansas House District 104.

Casey Swarts, Retired -Hutchinson Credit Union
If you want the same old politics, with the same old rhetoric, then DO NOT vote for Garth Strand. I worked with Garth for
over 20 years and can share that he is a rare individual with the foresight, and flexibility, to get the job done.

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